About The Drawing Board Challenge


The Drawing Board Challenge is a competition that challenges you to build a real-world solution to a world problem in 10 weeks. 11- 17 years old students are taught skills from science, business and tech, and apply these skills to create their own social, world-changing initiatives that are effective, sustainable and scalable. 

The Drawing Board Challenge is offered as workshop series in schools, a holiday programme, or in an after school format. Click here to sign up now.

Students learn real world skills that will help them manage any project, campaign or business in future. Key skills taught are resilience to failure, hustle, critical thinking and scaling up through tech.

"As well as transforming students, the programme delivers real world results. Student project achievements:

  • Warm winter woollens collected for over 200 Wellingtonians in need
  • $2500 raised for Canteen, enough to fund 5 three-day workshops to give cancer patients the tools to get their lives back on track.

Read more about our last programme at Samuel Marsden Collegiate in SciblogsThe Education Gazette and Scoop.

The Drawing Board Challenge was created by Madeline King and Emily Mabin Sutton, two women with backgrounds in tech, non-profits, science and business. 

Brought to you by The Underdog Network, with help from the Ministry of Youth Development and Xero.





Drawing Board Challenge Results

100% of students develop a small-scale sustainable social initiative
  93% of students report that the Drawing Board Challenge improved their business skills
       93% improved business decision making skills
100% satisfaction with facilitators
100% satisfaction with the Drawing Board Challenge

As well as transforming students, the programme delivers real world results:

171 warm woollens given to young people in need

$600 raised for Canteen

Websites for Candles for a CureStudent Support, and The Plastic Age.

Read more about the Drawing Board Challenge in The Education Gazette and the Independent Herald (page 17).



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